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Imperial Splendour at Łańcut

In 1816, the famous Łańcut (pronounced “wine-soot”) estate passed into the Potocki family through Jan Potocki's marriage to Julia Lubomirska. Once a fortress, four generations of Potockis continued to modernise and embellish Łańcut into one of Poland's greatest aristocratic residences.

In Austrian-controlled Poland, or Galicia, Poles achieved a good deal of autonomy. Alfred II Potocki, (right) served as Imperial Prime Minister and later Governor of Galicia. He entertained Emperor Franz-Jozef at Łańcut on several occasions.

During the 1920s and 1930s Łańcut played the role of Poland's national salon, hosting social and political events. Miraculously, Łańcut survived two world wars with its interiors largely intact and today exists as a museum.


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