Wodka the Potocki Way Made in Poland Discover True Spirit

Unbeknownst to most outside the slavic world, a shot of chilled vodka complements very well many types of dishes.

Any kind smoked fish or caviar are traditional companions to Potocki Wódka. It also combines very well with tasty, rich meatstuff such as dried sausage - including the traditional Polish "kabanos" -, all kind of choice cured ham - such as the famed Jamon Serrano or Iberico - , venison and even foie gras.

At the end of a meal. Potocki Wódka will bring out the flavour of a dark chocolate mousse or a lemon tart.

Once opened, the bottle must be finished! Slowly downed in chilled shots in good company, in combination with coffee or even cigars, Potocki Wódka unfailingly fuels the party and the conversation past waking hours.
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