Wodka the Potocki Way Made in Poland Discover True Spirit

At every step of production, care is taken to honor taste and quality. The result of this artisanal process is an aromatic yet smooth vodka which clearly stands out against industrially produced alternatives.

Potocki Wódka is created from the highest quality rye sourced in fields around distillery in central Poland. Fresh from the harvest each August, the grain is milled, and cooked under pressure. Yeast is then added to start fermentation yielding a low alcoholic strength mash.

The mash goes through two slow distillations in a column still. It is regularly tasted until the optimal distillation level is reached. The "head" and the "tail", that is the initial and final ends of the distillate, are discarded to ensure high quality as their taste characteristics are not optimal.

The resulting pure alcohol (96.4% abv) is mixed with distilled water to the required bottling strength of 40% abv. No additives, such as citric acid or glycerine, are used. The common process of charcoal filtration is intentionally omitted as this would unnecessarily strip the vodka of its character.

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