Cocktail Recipes

Crimean Sonnet

by Jerri Banks, New York


2 oz

1 oz



Potocki Wódka 

Blackcurrant juice

Small spoonful of plum preserves

Juniper berries

Fresh ground black pepper


The pungency of the black pepper is a nice contrast to the rich black fruit quality of currant juice and plum preserves.


In a mixing glass crush juniper berries. Add plum preserves, blackcurrant juice and Potocki Wódka. Add ice, shake well and double strain. Serve in a chilled cocktail glass over cracked ice. Garnish with dusting of black pepper.


Food pairing

Will create a perfect bridge to appetizers such as bigos (spicy meat & cabbage stew), smalec (pork fat) or boczek ze´sliwka˛ (bacon-wrapped prunes).

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