Cocktail Recipes


by Jerri Banks, New York


50 ml

100 ml

10 ml

1 tspn

Potocki Wódka 

Beef consommé

Horseradish essence*

Celery seeds

Dash of sea salt

Fresh cracked black pepper

Celery stick garnish


Horseradish essence can be made by macerating the root in Potocki Wódka  for several days.




Grind celery seeds, add consommé and vodka. Mix ingredients. Shake with ice, strain and serve into a martini glass or a tall one. Adjust proportions if necessary for sweetness and strength.

Food pairing

It’s a dish in its own right, so pairing is superfluous !


A 1920s classic revisited. First served at the World Bar in New York 2007.

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