Cocktail Recipes

Łańcut Garden

by Sam Jeveons, Hong Kong


40 ml

5 ml

5 ml

1 tspn

Potocki Wódka  (chilled)

Cucumber purée*

Lemon juice

Horseradish fresh

*Cucumber purée:



50 ml

75 ml

Peeled cucumber

Green Grapes

Lemon juice

Simple syrup

Blend, strain. Taste and adjust for balance before mixing with cocktail.

Łańcut Garden


Mix ingredients, strain and serve into a cocktail glass.

Food pairing

Fresh and flavourful, Łańcut garden is excellent on its own. Pair with white fish and vegetables.


First served at the Kee club in Hong Kong in 2009. Designed to accompany a Polish dinner in collaboration between the house chef with the suggestions of Wojciech Amaro, now a Michelin-rated chef.

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